The EZbus Website for Students is an innovative platform designed to simplify and streamline the process of reserving bus seats for students. This online system aims to enhance the overall transportation experience for students by providing a user-friendly interface and efficient booking process.


GREENVASA is a way of living sustainably in the picturesque town of LAVASA, Pune. It is a small step at the University to conserve resources, it’s a step in the direction to reduce our carbon footprint.

The concept very simply put is to buy and sell quality second-hand goods within the University to avoid wasteful spending and reduce future waste. Things that have an extended life can be sold to your fellow students or staff using our proprietary technology.

It’s a platform built by the students, for the students. Earn money from your second-hand goods by selling on Greenvasa, and reduce your footprint by buying second-hand quality goods. Let’s REDUCE, REUSE, and then RECYCLE. Happy Sustainable living.

Let us Dream

LET US DREAM is a locally rooted and globally established Not-for-Profit Organization. It was conceived with the idea to create holistically developed communities world over. It has strived for this since its inception. We, at LET US DREAM, firmly vouch in the idea of a global family, where each individual and each society works interdependently to create a sustainable world.

The program is composed of likeminded people from all ethnic groups around the world to support, guide, and lead this vision of holistic development in the growth of individuals and the society.


Academic and Professional Support System

The benefits of having APS (Academic and Professional Support) are that learners can attend sessions as per their convenience. The system will provide easy-to-access Web based service which can give management an effective means of managing all resources. The admin and Management can manage all the contents (chats, feedbacks, comments) that happens in the portal.

The Academic and professional support System represents an innovative shift in the field of learning, providing rapid access to specific knowledge and information.


MentorEezy is an application developed for maintaining mentoring records for the students in the Department of Data Science, Christ Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa Campus.

Wallet View - Track

Wallet View - Track, Split, and Budget app can help to track money use, manage the budget, and understand daily usage expenses. This app helps you to manage your money and expenses daily.